Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What services do you offer
  • Working hours and holidays
  • Getting started and signing up
  • Payment billing and invoicing
  • Out on the walk
  • Weather conditions

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What Services do You Offer?

I offer the following services:

  • Group walks for puppies and adult dogs: £12 per walk – £10 per additional dog from the same household.
  • One-to-one dog training / puppy training – £40 per 90 minute session.

Yes, additional dogs from the same household will be charged at a lower rate of £10 per dog – a 16% discount.

Yes, I have completed a dog training academy and can offer one-to-one private dog training. This costs £40 per 90 minute session.

Yes, with dogs that I walk on a regular basis, I do offer dog sitting outside of my normal working hours.

This is subject to my availability and would need to be at your property.

No, I do not offer this service.

My Working Hours and Holidays

I work Monday to Friday.

The time slots are:

08:15 to 11:00 – Morning 

11:00 to 1:45 – Lunchtime

1:45 to 4:30 – Afternoon 

Not on a regular, ongoing basis. However requests to walk your dog on a weekend on occasion will be considered, subject to availability, so please contact me and I’ll see what I can do to help.

Not on a regular basis. However requests to walk your dog on a bank holiday on occasion will be considered, subject to availability, so please contact me and I’ll see what I can do to help.

Not on a regular, ongoing basis. However, if you have a one-off request, please contact me and I’ll see if I can help you. 

Getting Started and Signing Up

If your collection address is in one of the below listed areas (sorted alphabetically) then you are in my catchment area:

  • Clapham
  • Durrington & West Durrington
  • Goring
  • Ferring
  • Findon Village
  • Findon Valley
  • High Salvington & Salvington
  • Offington
  • Patching
  • Tarring
If you are unsure, contact me and I’ll let you know if I can accomodate you on my round.

To go outside for a walk with me, the following is required:

  • Puppies must be over 10 weeks old, and be one week clear of their second vaccination.
  • All dogs must have an identification microchip.
  • All dogs must have an identification tag for their harness / collar.
  • For adult dogs, your dog must also be socialised and not dangerous or aggressive towards other dogs or people.
  • All dogs above 9 months old must be spayed or neutered.

Although I think you will love my services and I’ll be sad to see you go, if you wish to cancel then all you need to do is give verbal or written notice.

Yes, I will need you to sign three forms:

  1. The Dog Walking Contract
  2. Pet and Owners Information Form
  3. Veterinary Release Form

These forms are simple, industry-standard which ensures both parties are clear about services offered and that I have all the information and authorisation needed should I need to take your dog to the vet in the case of an emergency.

Yes, I’m fully insured with a insurance company called Pet Business Insurance. 

The first walk is a free of charge assessment and will allow me to get an idea of your dog’s needs and how they are when out and about without their parents present.

This walk is generally in an area where other dogs are around, such as Highdown Hill or Fernhurst Recreation Ground (next to Goring Hall Hospital) so I can see your dog’s reaction to other dogs.

They will get the full one hour walk, and I will send you photos if you wish, let you know how they get on, and offer feedback if necessary.

No – in most cases clients are comfortable to share a set of keys or a passcode so I have access when you are not home.

Yes you can provide me with a key or passcode so I have access to your property if there is no one available to let me in.

Under my care, when not being used this key will be kept in a secure, fireproof safe and will not have any tags or features that identify your property. 

Not on group walks, but by arrangement I can take her out on an individual walk in a quiet area on the lead.

For puppies and dogs under 9 months old, yes. However beyond 9 months old I am unable to walk any dog which has not been spayed / neutered.

Payment, Billing & Invoicing

I welcome payment by direct bank transfer or cash.

I invoice on a weekly basis. I will email the invoice to you on Sunday.

If you prefer to receive a paper invoice, I will provide you with the paper invoice the first time I see you the following week.

If you are out when I visit, I will leave the invoice in a mutually agreed location.

No, no money needs to be paid upfront to begin. 

You will always be paying a week in arrears for my services.

Out On the Walk

The walk will be a minimum of 1 hour in duration.

I always pace the walk to the slowest dog in the group. Most of the time the dogs off the leads are whizzing around close by, playing so even if I’m walking slowly they still have fun and get plenty of exercise.

Very young puppies will be carried in a puppy carrier, and let down for short periods.

I am trained in canine first aid, so I should be able to assist with most light injuries that may be sustained.

However, in the event of an emergency I will take your dog to the nearest vet, and call you immediately to advise you what has happened and keep you updated.

I will only let your dog off the lead providing you have given me permission to do so, and that I’m satisfied that there is no risk and the area is safe and free from hazards.

I have a strong preference for only walking groups of four. However, I reserve the right to occasionally walk an additional fifth dog if required.

Places I will take your dog include, but are not limited to:

  • Kingston Beach
  • Highdown Hill
  • High Salvington & Clapham
  • Cissbury Ring
  • Chanctonbury Ring
  • Kithurst Hill
  • Angmering Park
  • North Stoke
  • Blakehurst
  • Sompting Estate
  • Steyning Bowl
  • Lancing Ring

I have included a map below where you can see where we’ll be headed.

Click or tap on the map to enlarge. The red dots are the walking locations.

As you can see there is plenty of variety to suit all dogs and give them a new place to visit most days.

If you wish to see pictures and videos of your dog out on the walk, I’m happy to provide them. With most clients I send them direct via Whatsapp or email. 

Yes, I provide treats that will be given out. If your dog has any special dietary requirements then I will take that into account.

Weather Conditions

Yes, come rain or shine I will walk your dog.

I have a small washer unit in the van which will be used to clean off the worst of the dirt. I will also towel dry them.

I will be in constant contact with you should the conditions arise so we can plan from day to day.

Dogs should not in any circumstances be outside for long periods of time between 11:00 am and 4:00 pm in a heat wave. In these conditions, I will offer the option of very early morning walks (heat permitting) or late evening walks (again heat permitting).

I will also offer home visits to check on them during the day and let them out for a brief potty break.

I will also advise you of tips and what you can do to keep your property safe for them in these conditions.

If you have any questions which are not covered above, please get in touch and I’ll be happy to provide you with an answer.

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